Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let's try this again

Hi all, I am going to try this blogging thing again.

My life is getting a little crazy again, not that it wasn't crazy enough. This past year I volunteered to coach my 3rd graders soccer team. Do I know anything about soccer, not really. It has been fun, but very crazy. The commitment was for Fall and Spring. Fall, came and went with little time on the computer. All the free time I had I used to knit. Did a lot of that this year and continue to do so. Spring, I am just getting by on the practices for soccer and we only have 3 games left. I also volunteered in my Kindergarten's computer class. That was only 30 minutes on Wednesday. He enjoyed it, but didn't do what he was supposed to be doing. Wanted Mommy to much. My boys are great.

Knitting has been fun, I have severl WIP going on right now, trying to keep them to a min. My first one is a pair of socks for Mdog. They are red and black stripe cuff down and he wants to have the big toe seperate from the others. They are going slowly. My second WIP is a shawl, Citron, that I started during the Winter Olympics and have not really continued with it. It is rather boring, but I will finish it. The color is gorgeous. My third WIP is another pair of socks fom Zman. His are a simple pair of toe ups with the yarn that he dyed himself, see previous post. My fourth WIP is another shawl, Multnomah, for my aunt. I am actually almost done with this shawl. I am using a purple sock yarn from BFL wool and Tencel combination, with a touch of red to finish of the feather and fan portion. I think my aunt will like it a lot.

So knitting has been going well, have finished several projects and they are on my Ravlery page. What else has been going on? Well, my youngest son Zman is going to be placed on the transplant list for a second liver. His first transplant had some complications and those complications have caused a syndrome that is not letting him get the oxygen into his system that he needs, so we will be heading down the transplant road again. It has been 5 years since his first one and I am not looking forward to the journey we have a head. I am hoping to be able to post my conerns here and to track his progress.

So that is all for now. Take care and hug anyone today.